Design Excellence

Advantages at a glance
Classic look and modern design appeal.Strong, secure and rigid installation, tried and tested.Glass may be removed at any time without removing the clamp itself, making repairs a breeze.Gate Panels can be added, allowing access to the fenced area.

In new projects, the glass can be installed after all other trades have finished, leaving a clean custom result.

Glass height can be adjusted when installing the Spearhead DGC System to suit ample drainage and or wind concerns. The system can be installed in 3 different ways. Core drill, base plate and surface mount plate options.

Existing surfaces are not disrupted, which leaves a clean finish in all applications.

Strong and flexible to design applications

The Spearhead DGC system is designed and engineered to support ½” and 5/8” inch tempered glass, with a maximum sheet size per two clamps of 86 inches wide x 48 inches high. The Spearhead DGC System consists of two main parts: the rigid Structural Aluminum Spearhead DGC System makes up most of the finished size, and a removable piece enables easy glass installation. Measure twice cut once!

The Spearhead DGC has a height variable of up to 2 ½ inches, depending on the fixing method chosen. The Spearhead DGC system also allows for horizontal, vertical and tilt glass adjustment. The Spearhead DGC system is manufactured from structural aluminum and is rated to Class 2 side impact load. Different mounting systems at the base of the clamp enable installation on various surfaces and in different environments.

It comes in a Brushed Steel finish (Chrome Silver powder coated aluminum with clear top coat finish).