Installation Instructions

Core Drilling:

Make sure you are able to operate a core drill machine, or hire a licensed professional. This installation method is used when installing flush into concrete surfaces. The system can be core drilled through ceramic tiles or pavers if needed, as long as the substructure can withhold the required load.

Mounting Bracket:

This method is used for edge fixing the Spearhead DGC to lumber / composite deck or structural framed steel. A custom height and finish can be attained using the Spearhead DGC to pre-notched out joists or bearers to achieve a finish or specific height requirement. The decking can then be trimmed to fit against the Spearhead DGC system, achieving a similar custom finish to core drilling. The design and finish options still allow for replacement if necessary. The options for installation also allow for a bias or angled installation like stairways or sloped block walls. The design options are appropriate for indoors as well as the outdoors.

Base Plate:

Similar to the above, the Base Plate offers an alternative fastening method for installation to timber or composite decks, concrete or structural steel with the same results as the Mounting Bracket.

Disclaimer: This Spearhead DGC System Installation requires the competency of a licensed building contractor. Spearhead will not be responsible for any unlicensed or improper installations, whether based upon warranty, contract or neglect and assumes no liability for it use.

File Description File size
Fixing-BasePlate1.pdf Fixing Base Plate 233 Kb
Fixing-CoreDrill1.pdf Fixing Core Drill 278 Kb
Fixing-MountingBracket1.pdf Fixing Mounting Bracket 315 Kb
Gate-(Ver 2)1.pdf Gate 237 Kb
Gate-(Ver 2)Wall Mount1.pdf Gate Wall Mount 211 Kb
GC-BasePlate (2)1.pdf CG Base Plate 172 Kb
GC-CoreDrill1.pdf CG Mounting Bracket 122 Kb
GC-MountingBracket (2)1.pdf GC Mounting Bracket 172 Kb
GlassPanelDetails1.pdf Glass Panel Details 382 Kb