Other Products

 Structural Grout

When using the core drill fixing method, we supply easy to use HydroStone rapid set grout product. By adding water, mix carefully and pour into hole with a small premeasured cup, brace the Spearhead DGC and allow to set.

The grout will be strong enough to support glass within an hour or two. Make sure that the spacing is exact and that the clamp is level and perpendicular for the glass placement. The holes in the glass need to match up. Measure twice set once is our motto.

Hinges & Gate Latches

The Stainless Steel Hinges & Side Pull Latch Kits are available, complete with nuts & washers making them ready for fitting to glass panels.

When purchasing, guidelines are supplied to simplify the ordering of processed glass specific to your project. We like to use 6 foot panels or increments that accommodate an opening in appropriate increments depending on each project. (i.e. in a 15‘ section use 3×5’ sections, in a 12’ section use two 6’ sections) Always allow a slight space between panels for glass expansion and contraction.

Hinge Cone

Made from anticorrosive acetyl the hinge cone slips over the hinge cap to avoid toe hold.

Side Clamp

Diverse side clamp is used for additional side support when required. Made from stainless steel, the side clamp is designed to suit ½” glass. Glass does not require holes or cut outs.