Wood Fence

Our Wood Privacy Fence Designs & Styles


Our fence professionals tailor-make each fence on-site so that they can adjust to the slope of your land and not be stair stepped like wood fence panels found at home improvement stores. We can customize your wood fence any way you like, with additions such as decorative rails, trim pieces and lattice accents.

We provide a variety of wood designs and styles, from basic to intricate. Each fence is built according to your specification. Below are a few of our common privacy fence styles. We will work with you to customize your own designs. While our basic privacy fence lumber is cedar, approximately 1/3 of our wood fencing customers upgrade to PVC. Other less common lumber upgrades include pine and bamboo. The heights of our wood privacy fences are built in either 4’, 5’ or 6 foot. Other heights are available upon request.

Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

IMG_1259When researching unique wood privacy fence ideas, start by checking out the privacy fence designs presented below for different styles and features. Keep in mind that we encourage our customers to mix and match from ten different upgrades, resulting in thousands of possible combinations. Next, we suggest browsing magazines. Most books on fencing will only have standard and outdated fence ideas, so home and garden design magazines are always great for up to date design concepts. A web search is another great way to find different fence ideas. If you find a fence you like, just send us an image or link to a page with an image, and it will be our pleasure to provide our per foot price for supply and installation of that type of fence.

Wood Privacy Fence Lumber and posts

Many of our fences incorporate both cedar and pressure treated, due to different advantages provided by each lumber. Most commonly this is done by using pressure treated posts when building a cedar fence. The reason being is the affordability of pressure treated posts over the cedar posts. Some solutions are to coat the base of the post with a resin moisture barrier, or to use a thick tape or roof sealer. This should be done to 1″ above the top of the concrete. We prefer to install wood fences using the steel Postmaster system, which is a heavy-wall galvanized post that is concealed into the fence with no visible posts. Alternately, we use round steel posts with brackets.

Wood Privacy Fence Installation

Privacy fence installation is a craft and should flow smoothly with the slope of your land. Cuts should be as tight as possible and all posts and boards should be vertical, horizontal or diagonal depending on the design. Posts should be accurately set in high-strength concrete and fence lines should be perfectly straight. Wood privacy fence gates should be properly designed, hung and latched. Fencing should conform to local or pool fence standards and all dirt and construction debris should be properly removed from the work site. Because we have such immense trust with our industry leading craftsmen and their work, we include a one-year installation warranty.