Glass Rail/Pool


Unlike other railing systems on the market, the Spearhead GCS Frameless Railings and Glass Pool-fencing installs into concrete, hardwood floors or to structural steel without disrupting existing finishes. It can also be installed during the framing for a more custom look. Broken or cracked panels can be easily removed and replaced without removing the clamp.

The Spearhead DG GCS Frameless Railing System is engineered, tested and certified to comply with international building codes. We offer a variety of accessories for retrofits and ledger installations.

We also offer stainless steel gate hardware for our fencing systems. Contact us today to see how easy it is to use our system. We have the glass custom cut for your project and provide full installations in San Diego County.

Glass Clamp Documents

Fences are built to ensure safety. There is no insurance policy in the world that can cover a preventable accident. It is important to keep kids who swim in your pool safe and others who cannot swim, out and safe! Children under the age of 5 are the most at risk for drowning, as drowning is ranked second in accidental causes of death in that age range. A barrier or fence’s primary purpose is to deter entrance. However deterring entrance can only help protect against such accidents if there is proper adult supervision. Unfortunately, studies show that supervision DOES fail. In fact, it fails 69% of the time, proving that other means should be in place to make your pool area safe. Install a Fence!

What is a pool safety fence?

The “Pool safety fence” that Spearhead uses is a removable pool fence constructed of mesh and metal posts. Other names which are used are: swimming pool fence, baby fence, mesh fence, pool barrier, safety fence, kiddy fence, or child fence. Our swimming pool fences are building code compliant. Please check your local building codes for further information.

Pool Fence Mesh

Our removable pool fence mesh is constructed with a high strength, mildew and UV resistant dipped polyvinyl coating that can withstand years of direct sunlight and extreme cold. The mesh is manufactured in the United States and boasts one of the highest tensile strengths available on the market today. This increased strength makes the mesh almost impossible to tear or rip under normal use. It is framed by marine grade vinyl and manufactured to meet ASTM international standards. The border is meticulously stitched by locking the stitching, keeping the border from unraveling over time. The locking of the stitching is what keeps the border from coming unraveled over time. Our removable pool mesh is nearly transparent and available in black.

Pool Fence Poles

Our removable pool fence poles utilize a quad core (quad-x interior support that increases strength). These poles are manufactured in the United States and constructed of high strength grade 6063 aluminum that meets ASTM international standards. Our pool fence poles undergo an industry leading powder coat finish that is available in black.

Pool Pole Distance

Our Pool Safety Fence comes in 5, 10 and 20 linear feet sections, in 4’ and 5’ heights. Each section is pre-assembled and each pole is 36 inches on center with a diameter of 1 ¼”. This sized diameter allows for the pole to have the strength needed to support a tremendous vertical or horizontal force placed on the pool fence.

Pool Fence Distance from Pool

It is recommended that the removable pool fence be installed at least 24” from the coping or the edge of the pool. The purpose behind this recommendation is for two reasons. The first is that the person that cleans the pool or the people using the pool should have room to move about inside the pool without the obstruction of the removable pool fence. The other reason is that if a small child is swimming while the pool fence is up and the pool fence is too close to the pool the child may not have ample space to pull themselves out of the water.

Pool Fence Latches and Hooks

We use only brass hooks and latches in order to provide a true rust free product. Whether your pool backs up to the woods or is ocean front, our brass latches and hooks will secure each fence section together for a long time to come. Each latch is spring loaded, which is very difficult for small hands to tamper with.